Monday, January 26, 2009

Attack on Women in Mangalore Pub (Amnesia) by Sri Ram Sena

Was shocked to hear on the news that the latest attack by the moral police (/hindutva brigade) was on women who were minding their own business, relaxing in a pub in Mangalore.

Online searches led to daijiworld, Times of India and IBNLive.

The attack happened on Saturday and daijiworld says that the local authorities did not take the incident seriously until it caught the attention of national media.

The self styled moral police acting this time under the name of Sri Ram Sena entered into a pub and molested/physically abused the women on the premises. The pub owner in an interview on NDTV said that his waiters tried to stop the miscreants, but were unsuccessful.

The abusers have attributed various reasons for this attack:
1. they beat up young girls for "violating traditional Indian norms"
2. they forcibly entered the pub claiming unethical activities were on inside.
3. alleged that the pub owner was allowing the boys and girls to dance in an "obscene manner"
4. Prasad Attavar, State Deputy Convener of the Sri Ram Sena said that it was a spontaneous reaction against women, who flouted traditional Indian norms of decency.
5. got into an altercation with the women customers saying they were dressed indecently.
6. because of the attitude of the young women
7. accused the women of "involving themselves in immoral activities, including consuming alcohol, dressing indecently, and mixing with youths of other faith"

The questions that beg to be asked are:
1. Who the hell is the Sri Ram Sena or any other group of individuals to decide what Indian norms of decency are?
2. What gives them the right to impose their ideals on anyone else?
3. What gives them the right to physically harm anyone else?

Traditional Indian norms also say that women should be treated like Goddesses. But it seems that the moral brigade today has decided that Indian women should behave like Goddesses, if not they will treat them worse than animals/slaves!

Unfortunately these hooligans will be soon let go and we may see them being hailed as the "saviors of Indian culture" and we may even find them contesting elections pretty soon!

Most news sites state The ugly incident has a murky dimension also with leaders of Sri Rama Sene and Bajrang Dal, another pro-Hindu organisation fighting to take CREDIT for the attack in the name of punishing those going against "traditional Indian norms".


What is our country sinking to? Hooligans and goondas have free rein over our country: Whether it is attacking art halls where they do not approve of a particular artists creative expression, attacking movie theaters when they don't like the subject being tackled in a movie being screened, rampaging bookshops which sell books whose author they do not approve of, burning public buses and trains when mud spatter is found on a statue, the list is endless.

Everytime, they go scot free. It is the honest, law abiding, tax paying citizen of India who is perpetually held to ransom by these miscreants in the name of "protecting Indian culture".

The Hindu reports Ten alleged activists of Sri Ram Sene were arrested and produced before a magistrate in connection with Saturday’s attack on a pub in Hampankatta area here.

The accused have been identified as Subhash Padil, Raghavendra Pai, Subhash, Harish Kumar, Jeevan, Kirtan Raj Shetty, Sharath Padavinangadi, Dinesh, Vinod and Nitesh. The legal adviser of Sri Ram Sena Dinakar Shetty, who is believed to have led the attack, is absconding, according to the Mangalore North police.

When will our politicians wake up from their apathy and take stern actions against these inbred terrorists who have unleashed their own brand of terror against the aam aadmi? (ordinary Indian citizens)

We are tired of empty words, we need to see some action being taken against people whose agenda is to destroy the very fabric of society that holds us together.


Sibi said...

The terrible acts that were visible on the news channels just tells a lot about the dirty politics, that we have in our country and of the utterly demeaning acts in the name of moral policing that various parties can stoop down, to gain publicity at the cost of anything..Sad but true...High time that some thing is done in order to change the mind sets of these people who consider them selves propogators of moral policing..From Sibi

Anonymous said...

A handful of narrow minded,ill informed,fanatics and exhortationists have tainted the name of mangalore forever.We are not like this,i scream to the world but my scream is lost in he din and frenzy of media coverage of the unscrupulous mob.Its time we stood up against this madness or sooner or later it will consume us,one way or the other.....

uday said...

This is highly unacceptable incident. In the name of culture these organizations/people are bringing bad names to all of us. If we observe the language/words these activists were speaking we can imagine how cultured they are. Those bastards should be punished heavily.

Indian society has to open up more in terms of allowing a person to do what he or she likes. Government has to implement necessary laws for the same. Also it would be great if all like minded people get together and start some organization to fight against these kind of assaults.

Akhil said...

If this is what indian culture truly is, i'd rather not be a part of it...

Anonymous said...

The people who are out there physically abusing girls are the same peolple who would have been sittin in dance bars throwin money on girls..that am sure according to them will be alright..we need to dig into their sure it will be a motley mix of drop outs,jilted lovers,rowdy sheeters..

Anonymous said...

This incident only shows how low people can be to attack women especially... well seems like terrorist are not the only ones who want to destroy our world and our spirits but its the maggots like these who live among us,they are LOCUSTS who destroy everything they touch. And what do you know they are succeeding at it and thats because of us who just sit there and watch these people destroying everything that we love and what are we doing about it???? Nothing!!!!!! We just sit there on the flat of our asses and feel sorry and the next day we're back to normal.. Its such a shame! Our country is a secular country so where the bloody hell does mixing with youths of from different faiths come in???? All I can say that Its time to wake up people.. Unless we put a stop to such behaviour and such gruesome traditions our world and country won't be a much better place to live in. I wonder people watching this attack in other countries (if aired) will definitely be laughing at us to think that there are still some people who have brains the size of a peanut.

Anonymous said...
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Rajesh said...
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Anonymous said...

those people say tht women are like their mothers n should act accordingly.. so they mean to say tht women should not be in pubs n should nt do whatever they object..then wat about men... men can do anything?!!!! because of such pubs excessive drinking n falling on the road is reduced... n they call them mothers.. but the female victims have to say that when beating them up, they also took the advantage of touching them unpleasantly with indecency.. so i think this is how they treat their mothers.. the y r the cheapest people on this planet to raise their hands on girls... everybody has their own fredom of living n their way of life... if they do something bad,then God alone shall judge them...who are these brats...cheapest people on the planet... 5-8 people beat up one guy and that too behind their backs...Cowards.....THEY ARE DOING THIS IN THE NAME OF GOD N SPOILING OTHER HINDUS NAME. THEY CAUSING PEOPLE TO LOOK DOWN UPON OTHER HINDUS..I AM NOT AGAINST HINDUS, BUT I AM AGAINST SUCH ANTI SOCIAL ELEMENTS AND THEIR CROOKED DEEDS.

Anonymous said...

i urge the bloggers to blog on this topic as much as possible..or do something that does not allow this matter to cool down...all these blogs, the anguish of the aftermath should not perish so they hit girls ...tom who knows wats their plan...

Anonymous said...

if this culture goes on.tomorrow your son is going to ask "mother with how many you went to pub before marriage".