Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Book Review: J B Lobo's Home Encyclopaedia

JB Lobo's Home Encyclopedia is the only recipe book my grandmother ever referred to when cooking, so almost every woman in my family has a copy. The book is plain text, there are no glossy pictures and an average of 3-4 recipes on each page. A bare bones recipe book, it expects the reader to have a good grasp of cooking. It does have some rare recipes like that for suckling pig Manglorean style that are difficult to find elsewhere. While it claims to have recipes from other parts of the world, remember that this book was written over 25 years ago, so those recipes aren't completely authentic. But the Manglorean recipes are really good. More than half the book is taken by the home encyclopedia which has home remedies for everything from sore eyes to snake bites and scorpion stings. There is a section on how to guard against burglars, how to clean ivory articles and how to buy a cow by checking her udders. There is even a section on sex education. While the book at 900+ pages is quite heavy, only 250 pages or so are dedicated to recipes. I do wish they would come out with a version that has just the recipes. It would be so much easier to manage while trying to cook from it. The book is also published in Kannada as Gruha Sangaathi & I think it has both a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian version. Rating : 4 / 5

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Book Review: In an Antique Land

This is a Review that I wrote quite some time ago, but when posting about Following Fish, I remembered that Amitav Ghosh's In an Antique Land also dealt largely with Mangalore and its pre-British sea faring history.

The two threads of the story here focus on Mangalore and a Country that I lived in for 4 years - Egypt.

The description of Mangalore did not ring any bells, as it focussed mostly on the town as it existed 800+ years ago.

This is a book of non fiction. Amitav Ghosh chanced upon a letter between Abraham Ben Yiju, a Jewish merchant living in Mangalore, India, and Khalaf ibn Ishaq from Egypt, written in 1132AD. Part of this narrative focuses on Ghosh's search for more documents relating to Ben Yiju and part of the narrative tries to imagine the world that Ben Yiju lived in.

My entire Review can be read at http://karishmapais.blogspot.com/2010/02/book-review-in-antique-land.html

Book Review: Following Fish

I  just reviewed a wonderful book called Following Fish: Travels around the Indian Coast on my Book Review Blog and I would like to direct my friends who follow this blog of mine towards the book.

One of its 9 chapters is dedicated to Mangalore: where he initially flounders in his quest for the perfect Manglorean fish curry, but soon with the help of friends he discovers eateries that are hidden gems, known to the locals and discovers tawa fried fish, rawa fry and other delicacies too.

He first ate at Hotel Dakshin as he had no one to guide him. Hotel Nihal he found slightly better. And then Manglorean friends guided him to Mesha near New Chitra Theatre. Jaideep Shenoy - the Hindu correspondent took him to Narayan's near the Bunder wharf (go to SBI & ask for Narayan's anyone can tell you) famous for its tawa fried fish. (I myself will need to visit these 2 places when I'm next in town as shamefully inspite of having lived there for the better part of my life, I still hadn't heard of these places)

His encounter with Vasudev Boloor (President of multiple fishermens associations) leads to an impromptu meal of home cooked Manglorean fish curry which any Manglorean would know is infinitely better than anything that a restaurant can ever serve.

Some of his observations are spot on: Mangalore seemed sleepy when I got off the train & it seemed sleepy when I left my hotel in search of lunch. I was to learn over the course of my stay there, that it was a town that seemed sleepy right through the week  and the book is a lovely read.

My detailed review can be read at http://muserkim.blogspot.com/2011/02/book-review-following-fish.html

Going through this particular chapter on Mangalore and Samanth's quest for the perfect fish curry in Mangalore, I was wondering what I would have replied if I had been asked for a recommendation. Other than my mums and grandma's curries, I think I may have recommended Hotel Mangala near Fatima Retreat House for its fish curry.

Which eateries in Mangalore would you recommend for fish curry / fish fry?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some Manglorean Recipes

Some of my recent Manglorean Recipes with pictures.

1. Moong ani Keerlyache nisthe - Green gram and bamboo shoots

2. Charmuri/Jhalmuri - Puffed Rice snack

3. Sambhar

4. Dosas & Idlis

5.Mussels Masala Fry

6.Mince Cutlets/ Indian burger patties

Kitchen Implements used in Mangalorean Cooking - 1

I have a seperate blog called Jhovaan  for recipes and cooking.

In this day and age and with my work load, it is not possible to cook only Manglorean food, so the recipes are from all over. But I do cook Manglorean food too. For this some typically Manglorean kitchen implements are a part of my arsenal.

Take a look at the koithi

and the kanthne

Monday, January 26, 2009

Attack on Women in Mangalore Pub (Amnesia) by Sri Ram Sena

Was shocked to hear on the news that the latest attack by the moral police (/hindutva brigade) was on women who were minding their own business, relaxing in a pub in Mangalore.

Online searches led to daijiworld, Times of India and IBNLive.

The attack happened on Saturday and daijiworld says that the local authorities did not take the incident seriously until it caught the attention of national media.

The self styled moral police acting this time under the name of Sri Ram Sena entered into a pub and molested/physically abused the women on the premises. The pub owner in an interview on NDTV said that his waiters tried to stop the miscreants, but were unsuccessful.

The abusers have attributed various reasons for this attack:
1. they beat up young girls for "violating traditional Indian norms"
2. they forcibly entered the pub claiming unethical activities were on inside.
3. alleged that the pub owner was allowing the boys and girls to dance in an "obscene manner"
4. Prasad Attavar, State Deputy Convener of the Sri Ram Sena said that it was a spontaneous reaction against women, who flouted traditional Indian norms of decency.
5. got into an altercation with the women customers saying they were dressed indecently.
6. because of the attitude of the young women
7. accused the women of "involving themselves in immoral activities, including consuming alcohol, dressing indecently, and mixing with youths of other faith"

The questions that beg to be asked are:
1. Who the hell is the Sri Ram Sena or any other group of individuals to decide what Indian norms of decency are?
2. What gives them the right to impose their ideals on anyone else?
3. What gives them the right to physically harm anyone else?

Traditional Indian norms also say that women should be treated like Goddesses. But it seems that the moral brigade today has decided that Indian women should behave like Goddesses, if not they will treat them worse than animals/slaves!

Unfortunately these hooligans will be soon let go and we may see them being hailed as the "saviors of Indian culture" and we may even find them contesting elections pretty soon!

Most news sites state The ugly incident has a murky dimension also with leaders of Sri Rama Sene and Bajrang Dal, another pro-Hindu organisation fighting to take CREDIT for the attack in the name of punishing those going against "traditional Indian norms".


What is our country sinking to? Hooligans and goondas have free rein over our country: Whether it is attacking art halls where they do not approve of a particular artists creative expression, attacking movie theaters when they don't like the subject being tackled in a movie being screened, rampaging bookshops which sell books whose author they do not approve of, burning public buses and trains when mud spatter is found on a statue, the list is endless.

Everytime, they go scot free. It is the honest, law abiding, tax paying citizen of India who is perpetually held to ransom by these miscreants in the name of "protecting Indian culture".

The Hindu reports Ten alleged activists of Sri Ram Sene were arrested and produced before a magistrate in connection with Saturday’s attack on a pub in Hampankatta area here.

The accused have been identified as Subhash Padil, Raghavendra Pai, Subhash, Harish Kumar, Jeevan, Kirtan Raj Shetty, Sharath Padavinangadi, Dinesh, Vinod and Nitesh. The legal adviser of Sri Ram Sena Dinakar Shetty, who is believed to have led the attack, is absconding, according to the Mangalore North police.

When will our politicians wake up from their apathy and take stern actions against these inbred terrorists who have unleashed their own brand of terror against the aam aadmi? (ordinary Indian citizens)

We are tired of empty words, we need to see some action being taken against people whose agenda is to destroy the very fabric of society that holds us together.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Madhuvan's Village - Mangalore

Madhuvan's Village

Currently this is the most famous restaurant in Mangalore for quality seafood. The ambiance in the evenings is wonderful and relaxing, as it has a semi open air feel.

The food was all excellent and I have yet to find a dish that I do not like at this place.

For starters we had Chicken 65(85rs), chicken tawa fry (13ors) - highly recommended, squid/baandaas butter garlic (80rs), mussels/pacchile masala fry (70rs), fish tawa fry (1 large slice of surmai/king fish - 130rs)

Read my entire review here

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hao Ming, Mangalore

Hao Ming Chinese Restaurant
221 8693, 426 8087

The Parent restaurant "Hao Hao" has many fond memories for me. It was the place we were taken for the occasional treats by our parents when we did very well in our exams (first 3 ranks) It was the place we went for our 10th std farewell treat.

By the time, I came to college, Hao Ming had a new improved branch - Hao Ming - a short distance away. We did have a lot of college birthday treats at this place.

My sister being the current resident expert on restaurants in Mangalore, gave us suggestions on what to order.

The food here is Indian Chinese at its best. Reminiscent of Nanking in Hyderabad and Rice Bowl in Bangalore.

Read my entire review on my Restaurant Review Blog

Friday, January 16, 2009

Unfortunate Suicide by an Agnesian & Senseless Protests

Just read on daijiworld.com about ABVP organised protests outside St Agnes College following the unfortunate suicide by a student - Ramya.

I am an Ex-Agnesian (97 - science batch). I know Namrata maam was very strict, but she was also extremely encouraging of any student who had talent and creativity. She did go the extra mile for some students whom she liked. Yes, this could be perceived as partiality, but once you are in college you are in preparation for the real world. You are no longer little children who will be cossetted by everyone around you. The sooner you learn this the better.

I grieve deeply for the loss of young Ramya's life and my sympathies are with her parents. But I do not think it is fair to accuse a lecturer with over 15 years of experience that her harassment has led to suicide.

It is also painful to see the young girls on protest, smiling and laughing. There is no grief, no seriousness at all. If I perceive it right, the students have just used the excuse of unfortunate Ramya to get a day off and take out their frustrations against the nuns and college management.

Since when has a communal organisation like ABVP had membership among Agnesians? Looks like the Agnesian girls have allowed themselves to be used as pawns in a bigger political game.

Use your brains girls and think things through for yourself.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Freida Pinto - Movie Star

When I first read Q & A, 4 years ago, little did I know that, a then 20 year old Manglorean girl would be going on to star in its acclaimed movie adaptation that would fetch India its first Golden Globe.

Frieda Pinto was born in Bombay, but of Manglorean parents - her dad Frederick Pinto (Neerude) is a senior manager with Bank of Baroda and her mother Sylvia Pinto (Derebail) is the principal of St. Johns High School in Goregaon.

Frieda started her career as a model with Elite Model Management and anchored a Travel show for Zee Asia Pacific before getting her first break in movies. and what a break it was, being handpicked by Danny Boyle for Slumdog Millionaire - a movie that has just won 4 Golden globes including the first Golden globe for an Indian - A R Rahman for the Best Original Musical score.

Its not a large role, but Freida has created a huge buzz in the industry and has been recognised for her beauty and her talent and hopefully this will lead to us seeing more of this lovely lass onscreen.

She looked stunning in a mustard dress at the Golden globes and her pictures have been published in all the major fashion columns following the event. She has a captivating smile which she uses to her advantage.

She seems to be immaculately dressed for every public event unlike another Manglorean beauty - Aishwarya Rai - who has faced a lot of criticism in the past for her choice of outfits, especially at Cannes in 2003.

Here is an interview of hers with daijiworld in which Frieda says "I’m proud myself to be an Indian first and a Mangalorean ‘cause my parents are from Mangalore. My dad is from Neerude and my mom is from Derabail. I have been there few times and I love Mangalore."

We wish her all the very best successes in her future.